Miss Earth 2009 Final Result

Larissa Ramos, a 20-year old Biology student from Manaus, Brazil, was crowned Miss Earth 2009 during the 9th edition of this popular pageant held in Boracay, Philippines, on November 22nd. The 1.78 m beauty, who is currently studying at the Universidade Federal do Amazonas, will spend her year working for environmental causes. 1st runner-up and Miss Air was pre-pageant favorite Sandra Seifert from the Philippines, who bagged the titles of Best in Swimsuit and Best in Long Gown. Although a back to back victory was possible, most experts assured that Ms. Seifert would end up in the runner-up spot. Last year’s winner is from the Philippines. The 2nd runner-up and Miss Water was the also-favorite Jessica Barboza from Venezuela.  Living up to the reputation that Venezuelan beauties go to win every contest, the beauty won the title of Miss Water. 3rd runner-up was Alejandra Echevarria from Spain, whose performance on stage fascinated fans and experts. alike. Completing the Top 8 finalists were the contestants from Thailand, Martinique, Colombia and Poland. While in the Top 16 semi finalists, were delegates from Paraguay, Singapore, Northern Ireland, Korea, India, Georgia, France and South Africa.

80 beauties competed in this edition of the contest.

MALAYSIAMadeline Nandu. She was definitely the strongest representative ever fielded by this country to this pageant, as she has a nice pretty face, a trim figure, a polished stage presence, and strong communication skills. She was worthily shortlisted into the Swimsuit Competition finals in her group. Attached are some pictures Miss Malaysia Earth in The Grand Final Competition.

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