Why last 12 years there is no Malay win Miss Malaysia Title? – Part 1

Not long ago, I went to Xianning, Hubei Province, China to Judge for Miss Friendship International 2009 which was participated by 70 countries around the world. Miss Malaysia was represented by a Penang girl call Ooi See Nee and she won subtitle of Miss Talent in the contest. One of the International Judges come and ask me a question that I really feel difficult to answer. He ask "I have been judging for International pageant for last few years, Why I only see Chinese or Indian represent as Miss Malaysia, where is the Malay? Are they not good enough to win?".
Judges having picture with top 5 finalists in Miss International 2009 Final
Judging in Xianning, Hubei During the Miss Friendship International world Final 2009
Now Let me answer the question! Why there is no Malay win Miss Malaysia Title for last 12 years since 1997?
This is because of the inccident happen during 1997in Malaysia Pageant Industry.
attached is the New york Times News publish on 18 August 1997 by Michael Richardson
also if you search for Wikipedia for Miss Malaysia, you will find under Fatwa Ruling :-

In Malaysia, female Muslims were denied participation in beauty pageants following the issue of a fatwa in 1995 by the Mufti of Selangor. The issue came to a nasty twist in July-September 1997 when three Malay participants joined the Miss Malaysian petite contest, only to be arrested by the authorities. In the ensuing public outcry and debate that followed, the effectiveness of the fatwa was shown given the influence of the Selangor’s Mufti over the nation’s sharia law.The fatwa resonated with the ideology that Muslim women should cover up private parts of their body, or Aurat of which the beauty pageants’ practices ran contrary to–even though such religious enactments are not restricted to male pageants.

Nevertheless, a public outcry ensued, as members of the public questioned the way the religious authorities handled the matter as well as the abrupt ruling which came about–Muslim women in the past had participated in beauty pageants without much protest amongst the religious authorities.This invoked the concerns of Mahathir‘s who had raised objections to the way the religious authorities had implemented and enforced the law–and questions including distinctions on religious laws and personal freedom were raised. Nevertheless, the fatwa ruling has since been very effective; Muslim women have since then been deterred from joining any beauty pageants for fear of arrest by the religious authorities by the fatwa enactment. Malaysian beauty pageants, in compliance with the law, similarly denied Muslim individuals from participating.

That’s why there is no Malay Miss Malaysia winners for last 12 years and future!

To be more correct, there won’t be even a Malay contestants in Pageant.

The Beautiful Noni Mohamad from Penang State during the Miss Malaysia Petite Grand Final Contest in 1997
she dream of becoming Miss Universe or at least competing in Miss Universe contest. but change of islamic fatwa in Malaysia made her unable to pursue her dream.

The top 3 winners for Miss Malaysia Petite 1997: Winner – Amy Lui (Centre) being flanked by 1st Runner-up Fahyu (left) and 2nd Runner-up Noni (Right), both Muslim which later been led away by religion officers from JAIS.

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