Miss Tourism International 2009 – Final Result

Miss Tourism International 2009, the 13th Miss Tourism International pageant, was held on December 31, 2009 at the Sunway Lagoon Resort Hotel, Malaysia. 45 contestants from all over the world competed for the crown. Miss Tourism International 2008, Manasvi Mamgai of India crowned her succesor Sarah Elzanowski, from Germany, at the end of event.

Here are the results:
TOP 5 Titles
Miss Tourism International 2009/2010                                   – Sarah Elzanowski (GERMANY)
Miss Tourism Queen of the Year International 2009/2010   – Jessica Ibarra (VENEZUELA)
Miss Tourism Metropolitan International 2009/2010           – Thays Calmanv Neves (BRAZIL)
Miss Tourism Global 2009/2010                                                – Edwina Markus (MALASIA)
Miss Cosmopolitan International 2009/2010                         – Gabriela Korinkova (CZECH REPUBLIC)
TOP 10
BRAZIL                   – Thays Calmanv Neves
CROATIA               – Jelena Mandic
CZECH REPUBLIC  – Gabriela Korinkova
FINLAND                – Minna Nikola
FRANCE                 – Anne-Sophie Sevrette
GERMANY             – Sarah Elzanowski
INDONESIA           – Andara Rainy Ayudini
MALAYSIA             – Edwina Markus
PANAMA               – Irene Nunez Quintero
VENEZUELA          – Jessica Ibarra
Miss Beautiful Skin – CHINA (Nie Jie Na)
Miss Frienship – INDONESIA (Andara Rainy Ayudini)
Miss Charm Magnifique – THAILAND (Chonticha Supphaiboonlerd)
Miss Trendsetter – AUSTRALIA (Ellen Holtham Warren)
Miss Body Beautiful – VENEZUELA (Jessica Ibarra)
Miss Eyewear Beauty – GERMANY (Sarah Elzanowski)
Miss Eco-Friendly – JAPAN (Tomomi Takada)
Miss Glamour – CZECH REPUBLIC (Gabriela Korinkova)
Miss Fresh Face – GERMANY  (Sarah Elzanowski)
Miss Photogenic – BRAZIL (Thays Calmanv Neves)
Miss Goodwill Ambassadress – BRAZIL (Thays Calmanv Neves)
Miss Avatar – ARGENTINA (Micaela Lopez Bianchi)
Miss Elegance – BOLIVIA (Ximena Vargas Parada)
Miss Congeniality – INDIA (Anousha Chauhan)
Miss Gorgeous – RUSSIA (Emelyanova Elizaveta)
Miss Slender – VENEZUELA (Jessica Ibarra)
Miss Popularity – MALAYSIA (Edwina Markus)
Miss Radiance – FINLAND (Minna Nikola)
Best in Talent – MONGOLIA (Batsaikhan Norminsuvd)
Best in National Costume – MALAYSIA (Edwina Markus)
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