Congratulation to Alex Liu & Miss Tourism Queen International Beauty Pageant



Mr. Alex Liu, the Managing Director from ERM Holding Company in Singapore (Exclusive Resources Marketing Pte. Ltd.), has win the award of ASIAN SPECIAL FASHION CONTRIBUTION AWARD OF THE YEAR 2010 at the FASHION ASIA AWARD PRESENTATION CEREMONY in Hangzhou City, China recently.

Alex Liu is the President of Exclusive Resources Marketing Pte Ltd and has been a beauty pageant and modeling contest organizer for more than 26 years, a senior organizer and national director with many years of experience from Singapore.
He is also the founder and President of Manhunt International – the 1st and World’s largest Male model contest;
He is currently the President and organizer of Miss Tourism Queen International, Miss Friendship International, Miss Global Beauty Queen, Miss Bikini International, Queen International, and International Model of the Year.
He is the Asia and Pacific director for Mrs. World, Best Model of the World, Miss Model of the World and many other pageants and model contests.
He is a qualified international judge and has judged over thousand of modeling and beauty pageants in India, China, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Korea, USA, Russia, Australia, Turkey, Germany, Greece, Peru, Ghana and many other countries all over the world and recognized among all National Director with exquisite

Alex been Congratulated by ERM staff

Alex is not just invovled with Beauty Pageants Industry but though his pageant life, he has contributed to the fashion world. He has showcase the different cultures, fashions and beauties as well as being able to promote international exchanges and coorporation not only in Asia but to the whole world. His efford has contributedAsian countries’ tourism, business, events, clothing and other related indistires.



Miss Tourism Queen International Beauty Pageant win the Asian Top Fashionable contest of the year 2010 at the FASHION ASIA AWARD PRESENTATION CEREMONY in Hangzhou City, China recently. The Internatioal President of the Miss Tourim Queen International Beauty Pageant Mr. Alex Liu recevied the award from the organizer. Alex siad with his tear " This award is for Charlie See, the founder of Miss tourism Queen International, I think he will be very happy in Heaven now!".

Mr. Charlie See th founder of Miss Tourism Queen international and also the International President pass away peacefully in 2007 after seeing his own contest grow to 1 of the biggest event in the World. Since then, Alex Liu has taken over the President post from Charlie.

Miss Tourism Queen International pageant was founded by Mr. Charlie See. Since 1949, there have been more than 80 countries occasionally holding this competition for their Miss Tourism National Queen.

In 1993, the Miss Tourism Queen International Organization held the first world final competition, which received the international recognition from over sixty countries. It is the final competition for all the Miss Tourism National Queens, as well as the most authorized international Miss Tourism competition, one of the biggest beauty contests in which every country has the very right to select its own candidate.

Miss Tourism Queen International World Final was held in countries like Sri Lanka, America, Russia, Brazil, Germany, Japan, etc. Miss Tourism Queen International Pageant is an important annual event in the tourism and fashion world. It aims at enhancing the tourism development, culture exchange and friendship among different countries. It is a big party for the tourism ambassadors from different nations with great influence and fame.

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