Miss Malaysia is Top 13 [3rd Summer Lady] in Miss Bikini International 2010 Grand Final

The Miss Bikini International 2010 Grand Final was held in the Beauty Crown Stadium on 29th May 2010 successfully.
Attached here are the result :-
Miss Bikini International 2010
Overall winner – Romania (Diana Irina Boanca)
1st Spring lady – Australia        1st Summer Lady – Venezuela         1st Autumn Lady – China         1st Winter Lady – Latvia
2nd Spring Lady – Greece            2nd Summer lady – Kenya                   2nd Autumn Lady – Bulgaria        2nd Winter lady – Russia
3rd Spring Lady – Thailand           3rd Summer Lady – Malaysia   3rd Autumn Lady – Spain            3rd Winter lady – Kazakhstan
below are the remain in top 26 :-
Albania, Armenia, Belarus, Canada, England, Ethiopia, Moldova, Netherlands, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Uruguay
The Subtitles are :-
Miss Charity – China
Miss Health – Netherlands, 1st runner – Japan, 2nd runner – Latvia
Miss Talent – India, 1st runner – Czech rep, 2nd runner – Turkmenistan
Best Figure – Thailand, 1st runner – Kenya, 2nd runner – Tartarstan
Miss Charm – Philippines, 1st runner – Ukraine, 2nd runner – Malaysia
Miss Photogenic – Bosnia, 1st runner – Albania, 2nd runner – France
Miss Disco – Bulgaria, 1st runner – Belarus, 2nd runner – Estonia
Best National Costume – Ecuador, 1st runner – Brazil, 2nd runner – Ethiopia
Miss friendship – Spain
Miss Internet Popularity – Venezuela

This year Miss Bikini International 2010 have a different format of contest compare to previous year.
There will be a winner, but there is no 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th runner up.
It will replace by 4 season queen, Miss Bikini Spring, Miss Bikini Summer, Miss Bikini Autumn and Miss Bikini Winter.
This 4 season girls will received same cash price, and they will crown on the grand final event on stage.
The Top 13 girls will be shoot for Bikini Calendar and each girl will represent 1 month, winner will be the cover of calendar.
Miss Malaysia Veronica Ling Hsih Lin has become one of the top 13 and win the title of 3rd Summer Lady.

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