Another Sabahan will be crowned Miss Malaysia Earth???

KOTA KINABALU: A Sabahan will be crowned Miss Malaysia Earth again, said Mandy Nandu, the 2009 Miss Malaysia Earth.

Mary Salitah

The top three winners of the Miss Earth Sabah 2010 – May Salitah Naru Kiob, Appey Rowenna Januin and Queennera Francine Francis Kitingan – have a good chance to win the pageant which will be held in Ipoh, Perak from July 8 to 18.

“I won’t be surprised if one of them would be crowned as Miss Malaysia Earth 2010 as they are not only naturally beautiful but also have a brilliant mind, especially their level of knowledge about environmental issues.

“I hope they will perform well and deliver the experience they had gained during their involvement in the Miss Earth Sabah activities,” she said.

The winner will represent Malaysia in the Miss Earth World in Vietnam in September.

May Salitah, the 22-year-old winner of Miss Earth Sabah 2010 and recently appointed Sabah wildlife ambassadress, said her winning had boosted her spirit to explore more and to share with the other national contenders about Mother Nature that Sabah has to offer.

“This is the time for us to show how green, beautiful and exotic the environment that we have in Sabah,” said May.

First runner-up Appey, 19, said this was the time for her to make friends with the contestants from other states.

“This opportunity will be my most memorable experience in life and of course I will try my best to perform and give the best for our state Sabah,” said the Unduk Ngadau 2009.

Queennera, 18, said she was feeling nervous but at the same time was well prepared and excited.

“I know I will gain more knowledge throughout the pageant week,” she said before leaving for Ipoh with May Salitah, Appey and Mandy.

Mandy added she was very impressed with their spirit and hoped they would do their best during the pageant.

She had given them catwalk practices and public speaking classes as their preparations before going for the national pageant.

“We hope each of them will come back with a title, but win or lose they are still our Miss Earth Sabah and will continue their role to contribute more to the people and environment in Sabah.

“As for me, even though we will have a new Miss Malaysia Earth 2010, I will still continue to play my role to contribute as much as I can to our community and environment and will help all these young talents to be more environmentally conscious and to guide them to be a good role model to others,” said Mandy who represented Sabah at the national level last year and proceeded to represent Malaysia in the Miss Earth 2009 World pageant in Boracay, Philippines.

During her month-long stay in Boracay, she learned more about the world and environmental issues from the other contestants than she had ever learned from her textbooks in Sabah.

Following this experience, she felt it was necessary to come back with what she had learnt and share this knowledge with the people of Sabah and Malaysia.

“I am playing my role as part of the solution and my hopes and dreams are more people will be a part of the solution too,” said Mandy.

The recent first Miss Earth Sabah 2010 was successfully organized by her team, Mandy Nandu Events.

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