Mrs World Malaysia 2010 – Grand Final

The Mrs. World Malaysia 2010 Pageant was held at Marina Island Resort in Pangkor, Perak State, Malaysia on the 7th August at 6.00 pm. 1000 guests attended the event which as incidentally the first event to be held at the newly opened Marina Island Resort. The winner was Mrs Cherren Tew Cheak Chin, mother of 4 children from Kuala Lumpur; 1st Runner up was Mrs Melinda Yap who also won Best Talent award; 2nd Runner iwas Mrs Tiong Siew Chin, 3rd Runner was Mrs Myrna Hu and 4th Runnder was Mrs Amy Kui who was Mrs Photogenic and also co winner of the Charity Queen. Congratulations ladies.

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4 Responses to Mrs World Malaysia 2010 – Grand Final

  1. pjaayit says:

    1st Runner up Melinda Yap, 2nd Runner up Tiong Siew Chin, 3rd Runner up Myrna Hu & 4th Runner up Amy Kui = pretty princesses
    The winner Cherren Tew Cheak Chin = Beautiful Queen
    After crowning, the most beautiful winner – The QUEEN seated on the throne flanked by her four princesses
    All the princesses should kneel down in front of their beautiful QUEEN, then slip under the QUEEN’s gown to offer the congratulate kiss and lick the QUEEN’s foot.
    In comparison, the princesses are just the slaves to serve the beautiful QUEEN as their master.

  2. Charine Chan says:

    I very interest in Mrs World Malaysia beauty contest. Please send me some website information & updates of coming Mrs World Malaysia 2011. Thank you very much.

  3. Karen Yeong says:

    I’m interested in joinning the Mrs.World Malaysia.It’s would be great if you can send some info about the pageant for year 2011.

  4. Crystal Koh says:

    Hi, I am very keen on participating in Mrs World Malaysia 2012, could you kindly send me more info and requirements to qualify for the pageant?

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