Miss Malaysia International 2010


Chantelle Chuah Shee Peng has been crowned as the Miss International Malaysia 2010 and this Malaysian beauty will be representing her country in the Miss International 2010 final on 7th November 2010 in (Sichuan) Province Gymnasium, Chengdu, China. Competing with contestants from more than 80 countries, Chantelle is not a stranger as the competition this year marks her third time representing Malaysia,where previously as Miss Model of the World 2007 and International Model of the Year 2007. Chantelle will be leaving Malaysia on 19th of October 2010, touring with 80 over beauty queens for three weeks in different cities of China. Chantelle will be preparing herself with adequate information to present Malaysia’s culture to other delegates around the world.

Chuah Shee Peng, or more commonly known as Chantelle claims that representing Malaysia in the world final will make her even stronger in her desire of promoting world’s peace via the pageant competition. It is one of the missions that the event organizing country Japan wishes to achieve .Coincidentally the companies which Chantelle is being sponsored by VRI has the same message and vision, to achieve world peace through music and creative arts. She will also be promoting Malaysia as a true reflection of an Asian country, where there is a mixture of 4 different races of Muslim,Chinese,Indian and Christian, all living in peace and harmony with their respective colourful cultures and lifestyles. Tapping on her experience of representing Malaysia before in China and Korea in other pageant and also modelling which she has gained when she was abroad in UK, Chantelle believes that she will make the best out of her true abilities to win this competition. Chantelle hope to promote world peace and her home country at the international arena through a simple hand sign Vr1 which is abbreviated for “We are One” human race regardless of religion or social status. Vr1 also represent Values,Respect & Integrity, 3 simple philosophy in life that everyone can relate to. (Checkout & sign petition at www.vr1world.org if you also support world peace and www.vr1playtime.com for music & professional model,artists,events management services)

Chantelle Chuah’s Biodata

Chantelle started model when she was very young. As you can still recall, she is the child model for one of the famous brands named Onitsuka Tiger. With her diverse background Chantelle has indeed a portfolio most models would envy of.

Chantelle boasts experience as a trained ballerina of 13 years and has won numerous awards in Latin and Ballroom dancing. Chantelle is also an active toastmaster and is passionate about her business as a chocolatier. She launched her own brand chocolate named Jessie Chantelle Chocolate in 14 of Feb 2010 for people who understand the theory of lifestyle connects closely to chocolates.

After training as an accountant in the UK she was scouted by a model agent upon her return back home to Asia. Her rise has been remarkable,winning Miss Malaysia Model of the World 2007 and representing Malaysia in Miss Model of the World 2007 and International Model of the Year 2007 in China and Korea respectively. With her international modeling and pageant experiences; once again she has been appointed by the National Director to represent Malaysia in Miss International 2010 in China. Also not forgetting the financial and moral support given by Vr1@Playtime Productions.

In a nutshell, Chantelle knows what style and substance have in common with elegance and class to exude an exquisite style especially for a lady like her.

About Miss International Beauty Pageant

As a brief introduction, Miss International is a world class pageant similar to Miss World and Miss Universe. The differences between Miss Universe, Miss World and Miss International are the history and the country organising the beauty pageant. Miss Universe emphasize more on the outer beauty of woman, Miss World originated from Great Britain repositioned themselves with the slogan “beauty with purpose” set beauty and personality as their main criteria. Miss International’s main organisers are Japanese supported by the Tourism Japan aimed to select ambassador who can display benevolence, friendship, beauty, intelligence, showing sense of tenderness and a great international sensibility.

Began in 1960 in Long Beach, California, where it was staged until 1967, before moving to Japan, Miss International Beauty Pageant spans around half a century of the passion and energy of delegates from around the world who have sought to contribute to global society. It is quite disappointingly sad that Miss International has never been taken seriously in Malaysia thus Miss International Malaysia has never been brought into Malaysia. However for the 2011 pageant, Playtime Productions Sdn. Bhd. will be given the rights to be organizing Miss Malaysia International 2011 which will mark the first time where Malaysia will be organizing this prestigious beauty pageant on a national level.
ERM Marketing Sdn. Bhd. is the License holder for Miss Malaysia International since 1998.
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