Miss Malaysia in Miss All Nations 2010 Pageant

Miss All Nations 2010 World Final is being held for the very first time in beautiful Nanjing, China on 24th October 2010. 

This year, more than 40 countries will arrive in Nanjing, China to compete for the crown of Miss All Nations 2010. The Miss All Nations Beauty Pageant not only focuses on the contestants endless inner beauty, but their desire to succeed, their dedication to service, courage to fight for what is right and most importantly, the passion to make a difference in the live of those less fortunate through volunteerism.

The purpose of the Miss All Nations Pageant is to give many countries girls the opportunity to come together in a pageant setting regardless of their background, to build relationships with other ladies who are working diligently to leave a positive impact in their communities.

As the Miss All Nations delegates come together and share their community volunteer projects, ideas and goals with each other, they become unified as pageant sisters in the All Nations Family. This sisterhood strengthens them to see beyond their immediate surroundings and situations and extends their service across the globe. As each delegate share ideas of how she serves her community, she and all whom she meets will be strengthened and edified because their paths have crossed.

Miss Malaysia All Nations 2010 is represented by Miss Lin Jie Tan (Joelle), 19 years old from Penang who currently also the Miss Malaysia Global Beauty Queen winner


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