Miss All Nations 2010 Final Result

Miss All Nations Pageant 2010 was revived after 21 year hiatus by Mr. Alex Liu of Exclusive Resources Marketing Group of Singapore.
The contest was held for the 1st time in China in the City of Nanjing, China, since it was held in Bangkok, Thailand. from the 7th October to the 25th October 2010 with contestants from 43 countries and 13 China cities to mark the World Historical and Cultural Cities Forum 2010 attend by mayors of 46 cities around the world.


Miss All Nations 2010 Pageant World Final was held in Nanjing Indoor Stadium on 24th October 2010, attached are the pictures and result of the contest.
Miss All Nations 2010
Winner – Latvia
1st Runner – Australia
2nd Runner – China
3rd Runner – Thailand
4th Runner – Russia
Top 16 ( Balance 11)
Romania, Moldova, New Zealand, Sweden, Hong Kong, Kyrgyzstan, Qingdao, Greece, Siberia, Yinchuan, Venezuela
Sub title Awards
Miss Friendship – England
Miss Eco Tourism – Taiwan
Best National costume – Panama
Miss Internet popularity – New Zealand
Miss Best in Bikini – Montenegro
Miss Body  Beautiful – Lithuania
Miss Talent – Serbia
Miss Charm – Korea
Miss Photogenic – India
Miss Charity – Nanjing
Best in Evening Gown – Tianjin
The contest theme is to protect our Planet Earth and give our future generation a better tomorrow..
This will be an annual event form 2010 onwards…
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