Miss Malaysia International 2010 in China for World Final

Miss Malaysia International 2010 Chantelle Chuah is in China representing the country in the Miss International finals on Nov 7. This is a peek into her diary.

For Miss Malaysia International 2010, Chantelle Chuah, age is a double-edged sword.

At 26, she is the oldest finalist in this year’s Miss International pageant in China. But with age comes sophistication and maturity.

One for the album: Miss Malaysia and Miss Costa Rica (left).

Chuah has been brushing up on world affairs and current events which should put her in good stead. Her experience in other beauty pageants such as Miss Malaysia International Model of the Year 2007 should also boost her confidence.

The contestants spent a couple of days in Shanghai to attend a whirlwind of promotional events before flying to Chengdu for the grand finals scheduled for Nov 7 at Sichuan Province Gymnasium.

The architecture of this palatial gym is inspired by ancient Greece’s arena. Eighty-one contestants will vie for the crown in this covered stadium.

“We will raise funds, do charity work, visit children’s homes, attend sponsors’ dinners and promote tourism,” says Chuah.

“Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan, was selected to host the 50th Miss International finals as it suffered badly during the 2008 Sichuan earthquake which killed around 68,000 people.

National pride: (from left) Miss Venezuela, Miss Malaysia and Miss Spain strike a pose for the cameras in their traditional outfits.

“The central government has declared it will spend 1 trillion yuan (RM500 billion) to rebuild destroyed areas. The Miss International pageant is a highlight of the three-year rebuilding programme which will put Sichuan in the spotlight again,’’ Chua observes.

So far everything had gone well.

“On the first day in Shanghai, there were no formal activities. The next morning, we had to wake up very early to visit Shanghai Expo, then a children’s school, a charity organisation and attend an official welcome dinner,” reports Chuah.

“The Shanghai Expo 2010 was fantastic, truly out of this world. We were taken on guided tours by the organisers so we really had a great time. The Malaysian Pavilion was outstanding and made me proud to be Malaysian! The evening also coincided with the opening of Miss Paris, a very glamorous beauty parlour.”

The girls having fun learning to make sticky rice

The Miss International hopefuls were flown to Chengdu on the third day for a press conference. In the afternoon, they donned their national costumes for a private taping for Chengdu TV.

“The fourth day was more relaxed as we visited areas under reconstruction after the earthquake. We were upset by the devastation but glad that reconstruction is proceeding at full steam.

The next day saw contestants traipsing through Chengdu Fortress, an ideal spot for a photo shoot. The sightseeing tour culminated with a visit to the famous panda zoo.

Of course, Chuah has been sizing up the competition, and she’s optimistic.

“I see no reason I cannot win as I think I will make a great Miss International.

“The reigning Miss International is Miss Mexico Anagabriela Espinoza and she is 180cm. I am just 3cm shorter. Most of the finalists this year average 175 cm,” she sums up.

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