Manhunt Malaysia 2010 shake hands with President of Taiwan ROC

In Manhunt International, the day started very early, to be more specific, at 6 AM, when Manhunt Costa Rica arrived in Taipei and joined the group of contestants.

  Group photo taken at the hotel.

After breakfast, the boys left to the traditional Taiwan International Flora Exposition, which opened last week.

At noon, Manhunt Nepal joined the group for luch, or should we say, organic lunch, at at a Doorsha Cafe, with some prominent socialite ladies of Taipei. They got a chance to vote for their “own”  4 special awards:

Mister Coffee – Venezuela, Mr. Organic – Gibraltar, Mr. Beautiful Life style – Bolivia, and Mr. Fortune – Sweden.

Let us remind you, those are not official awarsd, but the contestants had fun, and the winners, of course, were honered for being chosen by the ladies!

Then, on and off to Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall, in Taipei, where the guys toured and learned about some of the rich history of Taiwan ROC.

After that, they left to meet the Mayor of Taipei at the Taiwan Agriculture Centre Convention Building. Lots of press photographers and over 10,000 people, were expecting the most handsome men on Earth!

What nobody expected, was a surprise visit by the President of Taiwan ROC, Mr. Ma Ying-jeou, who chatted with the candidates, shook each delegate’s  hand, and welcomed them to Taiwan. He was very charming and it was an amazing experience for the candidates, most of which have not met the presidents of their own countries!

The President of Taiwan ROC shake hand with Mahunt Malaysia, Tim Ang later tell the orgaizer that in his whole life he never shake hands with any of the Prime Minister of Malaysia before but on the 1st day in Taipeihe feel very honour to shake hand with President of Taiwan ROC. 

The Manhunt delegates also visited the amazing Taipei 101, which is the tallest building in Taiwan. There they got a little (and well-deserved) break for shopping (or do you think only girls enjoy that?).

Party time at the Seven Pub,  where they could eat the best pizza, chicken, and beer (sorry girls, ‘misses’ are not allowed to that yet) in town. A big birthday cake was of good use to celebrate all the Novemeber birthdays among the boys!

What at day! And Manhunt International 2010 is just beginning….

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