Manhunt Delegates visit Tainan City.

Here are photos of Day 2 – A visit to Tainan City in the south of Taiwan.
The morning started off with breakfast and Check out from Chuto Plaza Hotel.
The bus ride with a short lunch break  took us 5 hours to reach Tainan City.

 On arrival they visited 2 temples and both very famous ones dedicated to Kwan Yin Ma – The Goddess of the Sea which is worshipped by the largely Taiwanese people. The boys got a chance to see the beautiful architecture and craftsmanship of the temple. It rained the whole day but this did not dampen their spirits to explore Tainan city.
 Some had a chance to make a little prayer to the Goddess. We prayed for peace – Yes world Peace but we think most prayed to take home the Manhunt International Crown 2010 on the 20th November. Everyone took home a packed of lucky rice for good luck.
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