Tension in Korean Penisular did not stop Miss Malaysia University for Peace Missions

This year mark a very special year for World Miss University which in 2010, 2 contests been held in 2010, the 22nd edition and 23rd edition of World Miss University. The 22nd edition was held in August and the 23rd edition World final is schedule to be held on December 12 in Seoul.

Since North Korean artillery shelled a South Korean town without warning, tension on the Korean peninsula has been growing at a slow boil.

The 42 beauties who have arrived in Seoul, South Korea, to participate in the 23rd World Miss University pageant were apparently undeterred by the recent belligerence from Pyongyang.

But maybe we shouldn’t be too surprised. According to Korea Herald, many foreigners are shrugging their shoulders and just going about their business in South Korea.

Miss Malaysia University 2010 is represented by Miss Natalie Chiaw, 23 years old Undergrade from Selangor who currently persue her study in Bechelor of Business Administration at Damansara Utama College, Selangor, Malaysia.

Without fears, Natalie Chiaw, who also Miss Malaysia Global Beauty Queen 2008 joint 41 other contestants of 23rd World Miss University Pageant in Seoul to compete for the title of World Miss University. Some countres delegate did not turn up in Seoul including Miss Singapore due to the fear of the recent tension in Korean Penisular.

The World Miss University pageant is an international beauty contest held annually in Seoul since 1986. According to the WMU website, “World Miss University Contest is an event to select the Peace Mission of World Miss University that is created by the UN resolution in 1986 to celebrate the International Year of Peace.”
Since the pageant began, South Korea has had three winners, the most of any country. The current titleholder is Cho Eun-ju from South Korea. Check out the photos of some of 23rd World Miss University Contestants:

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