Recyclable items ingeniously used in dresses by Miss Malaysia Earth 2011 contestants

TAKING inspiration from Lady Gaga (well, sort of), 18-year-old Teh Wei Ling put together a dress made out of mirrors, wires and mesh.

The eco-friendly design turned heads and even earned her Miss Malaysia Earth 2011 Best Eco Wear subsidiary title.

Teh said the dress, which took her two weeks to design and produce, had a futuristic look and was meant to encourage the public to find ways to reuse recyclable items.

 Pretty sight: Teh performing a folk dance.

“I chanced upon the materials at a house which was undergoing renovation.

“I collected them and took time to smoothen the mirror edges and shape the wire frame,” she said, adding that she sustained a few cuts on her legs in the process.

Fashion design was not only her forte but the Penang lass, who is studying in England, also trumped the other 19 finalists to earn the Best in Talent subsidiary title.

Thanks to her strong vocals, she wowed the crowd with a short rendition of Andrea Bocelli’s Con te partirò – an Italian classical song – before captivating the audience with a ballet dance complete with spins and twirls in a bright green dress.

“I decided to participate in this pageant to gain new experiences and it was an opportune time as I am back here for summer holidays.

 Sharine Saw posed with her ecowear flowers outfit.

“I also want to encourage everyone to do their part for Mother Earth, even in their own homes, such as using natural deodorisers and energy-saving lightbulbs,” said Wei Ling after the subsidiary titles competition held at Ipoh Parade on Wednesday.

First runner-up Elvina Chua, 20, from Selangor, also stunned the judges in her bright green-and-yellow plastic bag gown.

“The green colour on my gown represents the grass while yellow is for flowers to remind the people of the importance of protecting Mother Nature,” she said.

Completing the dress in just two days, Elvina also won second runner-up in the Best in Talent title, with an alluring golden-winged costume and bellydancing moves.

“Even though other pageants also focus on having beauty with a cause, this one is different as it emphasises the vital message of reduce, reuse and recyle,” she said.

She said many people were aware of the “Go Green” message but did not make the effort to put words into action.

“Please help to protect Mother Earth for future generations as there is no other planet for humankind to inhabit,” she stressed.

The 20 finalists will be competing for the title of Miss Malaysia Earth 2011 at Ipoh Syuen Hotel on 26th June 2011.

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