Winner: Angelica Yap Siew Chin, Model, 23, 176cm, 52kg, 33/25/35, Kuala Lumpur.
1st runner up: Kim Low Lai Kim, Nutritionist/Model, 26, 174cm, 51kg, 32/25/36, Kuala Lumpur.
2nd runners up: Olivia Teng, Pet Groomer, 21, 180cm, 58kg, 34/26/36, Perak.
3rd runners up: Yana Loh, Beautician, 19, 170cm, 48kg, 34/24/35, Perak.
4th runners up: Audrey Mu, Businesswoman, 24, 173cm, 48kg, 33/26/35, Sabah.
Miss Model Energetic: Phine Loo.
Miss Model Cosmopolitan: Joey Wong.
Miss Facebook Gorgeous: Vivien Chin.
Miss Model Personality by Revlon: Angelica Yap.
Miss Syuen: Yana Loh.
Best In Catwalk: Angelica Yap.
Miss Mydream: Olivia Teng.
Miss Mydream Charming Look: Yana Loh.
Miss Mydream Beautiful Smile: Felice Lim.
Miss Mydream Body Beautiful: Angelica Yap.
Miss Mydream Congeniality: Ariesa Lam.
Miss Mydream Cover Look: Kim Low.
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