The 24th World Miss World University 2011

In Honor of Successful 2018 Phyeongchang Winter Olympic Games
Date:  November 28th~ December 17th,2011
 The Finals:  Decemember 15th, 2011
Venue : High 1 Resort
Host : World Miss University Organizing Committee
World Miss University Peace Corps
Manage:  Mecenat Beauty
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Ministry Of Public Administration and Security,Ministry Of Environment,
The Ministry Of Culture,Sports & Tourism
Presidential Council On National Branding
Presiedntial commitee on social cohesion
Presidential Committee On Green Growth, Gangwon Province
High1 Resort, Korea National Tourism Organization,
Incheon International Airport Corporation, kwNews Corp, Mecenatnews
Nov.30 (Wed): Press Conference / Visit to National Cemetery / Seoul City Tour
Dec.01(Thur): Orientation / Welcoming Night
Dec.03 (Sat): Environmental Forum
Dec.04 (Sun): Environmental Campaign STOP GLOBAL WARMING (Gangleung City)
Dec.05 (Mon): Charity Kimchi making for Abandoned Mine Area / Briquette Delivery (High1 Resort)
Dec.06 (Tue): World Culture meets Korean Hanbok
Dec.08 (Thur): Charity Fashion Show for Child head of household and Elderly person with no one to rely on (Wonjoo City)
Dec.10 (Sat): Peace Forum (Hwacheon-gun)
Dec.11 (Sun): Flamboyant Sleigh Contest / Mini Concert (High1 Sky Resort)
Dec.13 (Tue): Primary Judging
Dec.15 (Thur): The 24th World Miss University 2011

This year Miss Malaysia University is represented by Miss Venice Tan Hoay Min, 18th years old Student from Penang and currently study in Taylor’s Lakeside Campus University.
photo 1photo 2photo 3
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