Mrs. Jcqlyne Chin crowned Mrs. Malaysia Universe 2012

Mrs. Jcqlyne Chin was selected as Mrs. Malaysia Universe 2012 and she will represent Malaysia in The Mrs Universe Pageant 2012 in Bulgaria in August 2012 — at Hotel Armada Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.

Mrs. Jcqlyne was crowned by ERM Holding President, Mr. Alex Liu which also the License owner for Mrs. Universe  Title (Singapore & Malaysia).

MRS. UNIVERSE (Queen of the Universe) is the most honorable Woman of the Universe. MRS. UNIVERSE is THE ULTIMATE–it is beyond beauty & fame or power & riches on Earth. MRS. UNIVERSE is the annual, noted Quest for the most honorable Woman of the Universe.

MRS. UNIVERSE, the annual, major, international and global beauty and brains competition and pageant-event that celebrates and honors married women, and searches for the most honorable Woman of the Universe, was organized and started in 2007 by Megi Savova, founder and head of the Mrs. Universe Ltd. (the Mrs. Universe Organization) based in Bulgaria (in Europe).

MRS. UNIVERSE… annually searches for the Woman of the Universe who is more than a wife and a mother, the Lady of the Universe who is the epitome of the modern married woman of today, with the important roles that she does and plays in her community and country, and in the world (the global society) or the Universe. As MRS. UNIVERSE is universal, candidacy is open to all married women on this whole planet (25 to 45 years old) regardless of nationality, race, color, culture, faith or religion, and ideology. Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, etc. from democratic, communistic, monarchal countries/nations or states, etc. all over the world can be official candidates. The reign or term of the Queen is for a year but the eminent and ultimate, official crown, title, and position of MRS. UNIVERSE, which is universal and cosmic in scope, covering the entire Universe, is TIMELESS (not bound by Earthly and human concept of time). Thus, MRS. UNIVERSE is far beyond the title and position of any nation-kingdom’s royal or monarch, any nation/country’s president or prime minister, any state’s head or leader, or any religion’s head or leader on Earth. MRS. UNIVERSE is beyond beauty and fame or power and riches on Earth. In MRS. UNIVERSE, the word BEAUTY or BEAUTIFUL has profound meanings, which means not only just the physical beauty (of face and body which is the very common concept of beauty for so many people on this planet today) but rather IT IS THE WHOLENESS OR THE TOTALITY OF PERSONALITY OF THE WOMAN (INTELLIGENCE, GOOD CHARACTER, CHARMING AURA OR CHARISMA, OR THE SO-CALLED “INNER BEAUTY,” AND YES, PHYSICAL BEAUTY). In the swimsuit show or competition, the international delegates wear the classic, modern one (1)-piece swimsuit (NOT the very skimpy bikini that would make them look almost nude or naked! not showing too much skin) for sense of propriety, decency, and modesty. The purpose of the swimsuit competition is to show and reveal that even if the candidates/delegates are already mature, married women (wives, mothers, or already grandmothers, or career women), they can still maintain their good looks, trimmed figures, still physically fit and healthy. Thus, they serve as good inspiration and encouragement to all humans on this planet to take good care of their body and health.

MRS. UNIVERSE was organized for these worthy, universal cause and purpose: “To celebrate, honor, and uplift the image of today’s women of the universe who are responsible for the home and family, and who play important roles not only in the family (as wives or mothers) but also in the society and global community (as career women in different fields), and to promote and uphold worldwide the significance of marriage, parenthood and family, and good family values as well… And NO to violence!” Moreover, through its annual contest-event, the aim and objective of MRS. UNIVERSE is to foster friendly relations and international understanding among the nations of the world.

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2 Responses to Mrs. Jcqlyne Chin crowned Mrs. Malaysia Universe 2012

  1. Kris Martelle says:

    MRS. UNIVERSE is known as “The Mother of All Pageants” and it’s also called “The Beauty Olympic” by many people in the world today!

  2. Kris Martelle says:

    MRS. UNIVERSE is on Facebook!

    Kindly visit

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