Mrs. Malaysia win Photogenic award in Mrs. Universe 2012 World Final

Mrs. Universe 2012 Pageant World Final was held in Rostov on Don, Russia on 12th August together with 40 ladies from around the world participated in this galmour event.

The Final night show was devided into 3 part with all ladies come out in Purple dresses and follow by Swimwear round then final round with evening gown.

The Mrs. Universe 2012 title winner is from Colombia, one of the favorites  contestant – Mrs. Martinez Laila (Layla Martínez).

Mrs. Malaysia Universe 2012 is represented by Mrs. Jcqlyne Chin, from Kuala Lumpur. Jcqlyn has crownded the Mrs. Malaysia Universe 2012 title earliest this year in Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

During the World Final for Mrs. Univere 2012, Jcqlyn win the Photogenic award, and she write on her Facebook -“I am so proud to have won myself a subsidiary title which is “Mrs. PHOTOGENIC” despite not being able to win the Top 5.  The entire 8 days journey past by so fast. I felt very heavy hearted as I will have to leave Russia in 6 hours time for home coz I really enjoyed in this international event.”

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