Miss All Nations 2012 – Final Result

Miss All Nations Pageant 2012 was held the 3rd times in the City of Nanjing, China, The delegates arrived in Nanjing for promotions activities from 24th August to the 12th September 2012 with contestants from 46 countries and 8 China cities to mark the World Historical and Cultural Cities Forum 2012 attend by mayors of 46 cities around the world.

Miss All Nations 2012 World Final Show has been successfully held in the Nanjing Art Theatre on 9th Sept 2012.

Below is the final result.

Final Result for Miss All Nations 2012

Winner – Belarus

1st Runner-up – Serbia

2nd Runner-up – China Beijing


TOP 8:(other then top 3)

1. South Africa

2. New Zealand

3. Bulgaria

4. Australia

5. Latvia

6. China Shanghai

7. Spain

8. China Hong Kong


Subtitle Awards

1. Miss Friendship – Singapore

2. Miss Talent – Slovak Rep.

3. Miss Charm – Miss Russia

4. Miss Best Evening Gown – China

5. Miss Internet Popular – America

6. Miss Bikini – Brazil

7. Miss Body Beauty – Siberia

8. Miss Photogenic – Serbia

9. Best National Costum – Panama

10. Miss Eco-Tourism – Portugal

11. Miss Charity – Maxico

Miss Malaysia All Nations 2012 is represented by Miss Koo Wai Kuan (Jane), 23 years old from Kuala Lumpur.

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