Fashion Asia 2013 Malaysia Nominee – Asian Top Fashion Designer of the Year (Houte Couture Category)



  • Country:Malaysia
  • Name:Jason Yek Foo Kin


Awards and Achievements:

Jason Yek is designer who expertise in designing wedding gown, eveningwear and party dresses. He has more than 15 years of experience in the fashion line. He involves himself in major fashion event such as Malaysia international fashion week. He has a high versatility and balance between high fashion and marketable, modern and oriented. Lot 10 shopping centre is the important pathway since 1996 for him to expose his talent and sharing his beautiful sense with all the ladies.

20101220014022yJu15 20101220014018GylzY 20101220014006FT5JK 20101220013959r8UeA 20101220013955kjDjS 20101220013950qBe4O 20101220013946SDPpL 20101220013942mgnHq 20101220013938IeQ8y


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