Fashion Asia 2013 Malaysia Nominee – Asian Top Fashion Model of the Year (Male Category)


  • Country:Malaysia
  • Name:David Lian Tze-Wang


He is a model and fitness trainer. My ambition is to be one of the top models in Asia Pacific.

He’s of Chinese descent, well built, above 6 foot tall with a handsome angular profile.

He was initially trained in professional modeling when I participated in the 2009 Malaysia Ford SuperModel search. He was in the top 7 finalists. With this invaluable experience he began my own marketing program that resulted in me going Incheon, South Korea to represent my country, Malaysia, in the Mr World 2010 Pageant. He have since done many major fashion shows with top designers in Malaysia which include the Andre Kim show in Seoul. Andre was at the time one of the top 3 world fashion designers, and no doubt he would be better since.

Between the intervals of modeling he is a personal fitness trainer to appointed clients, working with them to trim down and shape up. His training process flow is structured, tailored and adapted to individual needs. His process has yield results that have been very encouraging and he apply the same methods and discipline in modeling.

His life is about spirit, joy and harmony, supplemented with focus and a balanced nutrition.

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