Fashion Asia 2013 Nominee – Asian Top Fashion Institution of the Year


  • Country:Malaysia


In September 2003, after extensive research and efforts, Dato’ David and Dato Patrick successfully created V Numbers Methodology. V Numbers Methodology consists of an inverted triangle and uses a simple calculation, adding up a person’s date of birth (day, month. and year) into a single digit, which represents the person’s Personality Number.
With this methodology, we can understand ourselves in the past, present, and future. There is much symbolism and deeper meaning in the inverted triangle. For example, the inverted triangle is a symbol representing the female energy, while the seven numbers in the triangle symbolize a female’s seven months of pregnancy.

V Numbers Methodology is VISIBER’s key tool in the Numbers Education system. Through a simple calculation, it provides VISIBER’s integrated wisdom of Numbers to the masses. V Numbers Methodology was warmly welcomed by many foreigners after an invitation to do Feng Shui services overseas. On this invitation, Dato’ David put together all the numbers and arranged them into 81 combinations which represent different personalities. He then made a personality analysis according to each combination. This method of personality analysis based on numbers established a more solid foundation for implementing the knowledge of VISIBER.

28 30 34 35 39 40

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