Miss Globe 2013 – 20th Oct to 2nd Nov at Durres, Albania


The 10th anniversary of Miss Globe 2013 and the 40th edition in the world kick off in Albania, This year Pageant will be held in the city of Durres between 20 October 2013 – 02 November. 2013, the World Final will be held in the new complex in Durres named ”The Crown Of The Adriatic Sea” time 20:30 live transmitting in the Albanian state TV ”TVSH”.

This year Miss Malaysia Globe 2013 was represented by Miss Charissa Chong from Kuala Lumpur. She will compete with 42 girls from around the world for the title of Miss Globe.


About Miss Globe

This is a common ritual which has been repeated throughout every October of these last ten years and has done the best that Deliart Association aimed since the beginning of such visionary mission: Introducing to the world a different Albania, not that country of many problems and poverty; the presentation of the true Albania, the ancient and beautiful country, truly attractive and welcoming; the integration of Albania in every corner of the world.

No one but these beautiful girls, who have always been troubled by curiosity and impatience, could complete such valuable and pleasant undertaking.

However, to reach this far has not been that easy. The start was first recorded in 2004 and nothing was a coincidence. On the contrary. There were nearly five-year of efforts made by the president of Deliart Association, Petri Bozo, who drew Charlie See to visit Albania and be convinced that Albania was the right place to welcome a competiion of such magnitude.

The old wise and good man, that Miss Globe ® cared so much about, had the ability to see beyond what Bozo explained through words: He saw a good garantee for the continuity of Miss Globe ® history.

Thus, Charlie See signed the right that gave to Petri Bozo the opportunity to realize in Durres the 31st edition of this spectacle, adding to it a particular promise: If the producer would succeed, the contract will be renewed. Petri Bozo managed to succeed.

The contract was signed for another four years and even after, although Charlie had left this life, Miss Globe ® continued to be organized in Albania.

This time the decision was taken by his wife, also a permanent friend in Albania, as friendly as this small country as her husband.

Miss Globe ® has just turned 10 years old in Albania, from one scene to another, from one city to another, from one collaboration to another, returning this year to the same city where it started, Durres, Albania.

Miss Globe 2013 Delegates


Miss Globe ® 2013 Program

From 20 – 23 October Contestants arrivals at Rinas International airport Nene Tereza Tirana,Albania. Accommodation at Hotel Belleview” – Plazh Durres 30km from the airport, photo shooting sessions with the respective national costumes for the MG magazine 2013

24 October Tour to est Albania. Leave the hotel at 9 am towards historical Kruja City. Visit to the Castle of Kruja, Old Bazar.Lunch at Restaurant Panorama” close to the Old Bazar. After lunch leave Kruja toward city of Lezha. Short visit to the National hero Skenderbeg Memorial. Trip to Shengjin, with a short stop to Komuna Shengjini and meeting with the Head of the Municipality. Runaway in the new Boulevard of the city, with shooting and photo shooting. Accommodation at “Resort Rafaelo” Dinner at “Piazza Restaurant”

25 October Departure from “Resort Rafaelo”toward Northwest city of Shkodra. Visit at Shkodra Trikot factory , visit to the castle and the historical bazaar of Shkoder, Lunch at a very beautiful restaurant ‘Koli Idromeno’ in the center of the city. Return to Lezhe about 35 km from Shkoder for the first step of miss Talent Show. Spend the night at a new beachside Resort in Shengjin 5 km from Lezhe

26 October Visit to Tirana (capital of Albania) visit to the National museum, Art’s Gallery, and a newly reconstructed traditional street of Tirana. Visit to City Park – Commercial Center. Lunch at the mountain of Dajt. During the visit to Tirana the delegation of Miss Globe will be accompanied by the association of motorists “Steelwings Albania”. Big party in the afternoon, in the “Bllok Zone” in the center of Tirana. Departure to Elbasan City, accommodation and lunch in “Universe Hotel”.

27 October Visit to Elbasani Municipality and meeting with the Major. Visit to the castle of Elbasan and the church of At Nikolla Marku. Lunch at Universe Hotel. After lunch, in Skampa Theatre in Elbasan will take part the Second Evening of Miss Talent Show. Departure from Elbasan to Golem City. Accommodation and Dinner at “As Hotel “

28 October Departure to “Pista Vollga” in Durres City. Rehearsals for the Final Show. Lunch in “Arragosta Restaurant” – Durres. Rehearsals for the Final Show. Lunch at “Restaurant Dy Kitarrat” – Durres

29 October Trip to Kavaja 25 km, Meeting with the Mayor of Kavaja. Lunch in a traditional restaurant in Kavaja. Final night of Talent Show. Return to Durres. In Kavaja Palace Of Culture in the end of the Talent Show the jury selects Miss Talent , the performance of which will be at the final in 2 November live transmission TV show.

30 – 31 October and 1 November Rehearsals and short trips to the surrounding area in Durres. Trip with yacht.

2 November Final Show And Big After Party

3-4-5 November Departures from Tirana International Airport

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