Mrs. Globe 2013 Crown in Shenzhen, China


Chinese contestant Gao Yiqian won the title in the “Mrs Globe 2013” recently organized at Shenzhen in China, Oct. 27, 2013.


The 17th Mrs. Globe 2013 Pageant was held in BaoLi Exhibition Center in Shenzhen. Total 46 Delegates coming from America, Russia, Canada, Australia, Italy, Philippines, Greece, Malaysia and many more participate in this year event.


Mrs. Malaysia Globe 2013 was represented by Somaya Ong and she has made Malaysia pround by winning the 3rd runners-up and also been recognised for her efforts towards the development of the community by the WIN Foundation.



Somaya received the Community Service Award at the awards ceremony in Shen Zhen, China by the US based WIN Foundation.


The final result of Mrs. Globe 2013 –

  1. winner Mrs. Asia
  2. 1st runners-up Mrs. Serbia
  3. 2nd runners-up Mrs. Russia
  4. 3rd runners-up Mrs. Malaysia
  5. 4th runners-up Mrs. Lebanon

Congratulations to all the ladies


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