Miss Intercontinental 2013 in Germany


The 42nd Miss Intercontinental Pageant kick off in Germany. After the success of last year with the production of the 41st Miss Intercontinental at the “Eurogress” Convention Centre, the WBO is proud to announce that this year the most beautiful women from over 70 countries will compete for the title and the most expensive crown in the World.


All contestants arrived in Germany on December 1st and departing December 15th and 16th depending of their flight schedules. This year´s official Venue is the Maritim Hall at the Maritim Hotel Madgeburg. For the production one of the best light companies is being hired as well a special broadcast team who is taking care of the live-telecast.


All contestants will enjoy a memorable stay on a 14 Day journey through some interesting cities, seeing the best sights, enjoying the German cuisine and will be filmed and photographed during their trip.

Miss Intercontinental 2013 Delegates


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Miss Malaysia Intercontinental 2013 was represented by Julies Lucas from Sarawak.


Name: Julies Lucas
Age: 26
Height: 170
Profession:    Flight Stewardess
Hobbies: Literature, Surfing the net, Outdoor Activities
Motto: Nothing is impossible in Life
Languages: English, Malay, Iban, Berawan, Kayan


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