Malaysian win Grandma Universe 2014


Malaysian Cynthia Ong, 44, won Miss Grandma Universe 2014 beauty contest held in Bulgaria on 21st Jan 2014.  Mrs. Cynthia just become Grandmother after her daughter give birth a baby boy in 2013.


Grandma Universe 2014 Pageant was organise by the organiser of Mrs. Universe “Mrs.Universe LTD” from the 19th to the 23rd of January 2014. The Entry is open to Ladies who  have already become grandmas – meaning that they have grandkids. The pageant was held in the timeframe of 5 days – 19th to 23rd of January as the final itself was on 21st Jan 2014 in Sofia, Bulgaria. This year there are 25 delegates from around the world take part in the Pageant. The delegates was accommodated  in “St.George Palace” hotel in the city of Sofia. The Pageant was held on the 21st of January each year because is also the Grandma’s Day in Bulgaria.



This is the official final result :-
GRANDMA UNIVERSE” 2014 – Cynthia Ong – Malaysia 
„Grandma Europe” 2014 – Lolita Alekseyenko – Latvia 
“Grandma Star” 2014 – Lenutsa Burghila – Moldova 
“Grandma Globe” 2014 – Lyudmila Akimova – Ukraine 
“Grandma Business Woman” 2014 – Tatyana Traykova – Bulgaria
This was the 3rd edition of the international contest “Grandma Universe”.
The winner Cynthia Ong was crowned by Kapka Amzina – the first titleholder of “Missis Grandma Bulgaria” and host of the international event.

Malaysia License Holder for the Grandma Universe title is ERM Marketing Sdn. Bhd.


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