Mrs. Malaysia World 2014 – Finalist

Mrs. Malaysia World 2014 is no ordinary beauty pageant. We believe that married women should be recognized for their beauty and their ability to integrate.

The Mrs. Malaysia World was designed to mould contestants into confident, intelligent, successful and beautiful women.

FRIDAY, JULY 4TH AT 7:00PM will begin the Official Grand Final Night of Mrs. Malaysia World 2014 at the HGH CONVENTION CENTRE.

Who will be the next selected Mrs. Malaysia World 2014 to complete at Mrs. WORLD?

Classic-Celine-TengClassic-Elaine-Fun Classic-Emily-Wong Classic-Erine-Lai Classic-Jasmine-Lee Classic-Jessy-Tan Classic-Mala Classic-Vivien-Liew Mrs-Christine-Molly Mrs-Crystal-Sim Mrs-Lenny-Chew Mrs-Mandy-Kang Mrs-Mannise-Lau Mrs-Prisilla-Wong Mrs-Shaly-Liew Mrs-Stephanie-Low Mrs-Suseela Mrs-Venessa-May Mrs-Vivian-Ng Mrs-Wendy-Heng

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6 Responses to Mrs. Malaysia World 2014 – Finalist

  1. mala fo-ever says:

    Congratulations to all my fellow contestant n God bless..

  2. Masidah Idris says:

    I think your organiser should at least open an eye to select your finalist as I truly feel that your contestant named ‘Mala’ is totally out of the category. Despite of having slim body, you should at least select a minimum beautiful face. Her sunken eyes and ugly features grab your eyes??? Please do grow up as we viewers feels that your organizers is running out of contestant and need to select such ugly contestant.

    • Cynthia Lee says:

      Well said…saw some of her winning photos..extremely ugly. Probably they gave her the title due to sympathy only…honestly very ugly. Her sunken eyes and teeth ewwwwww

  3. ANIS SURAYA says:

    I came across your website and found all these beautiful ladies. A big congratulations to those that make it thru. Anyhow its true what Masidah Idris had posted. Beside body, contestants should at least have a pretty face. The first impression when u look at someone is the face. Your contestant named MALA does not qualify for such beauty contest at all!!!!!!

  4. Eric Gan says:

    All looking superb except one which I thought it was a shemale but mother of two???? Gorshhhhh organiser must be blind. This is not called beauty pagent but body pagent lah

  5. Cynthia Lee says:

    Yes true all contestants glowing although some until has grandchildren too BUT I got shock with one contestant name ‘MALA’. No very little beauty at all. One look like skeleton. Haiyoh crazy people selection!

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