Miss All Nations 2014 – Final Result


Miss All Nations Pageant 2014 was held the 4th times in the City of Nanjing, China, The delegates arrived in Nanjing for promotions activities from 26th June to the 25th July 2014 with contestants from 40 countries and 4 China cities in conjunction with the Youth Olympic which will start in August in Nanajing too, this is one of the pre-event for it.



Miss Malaysia All Nations 2014 is represented by Sherine Tan from Penang, who also the winner for Miss Malaysia Global International 2012. 


Miss All Nations 2014 World Final Show has been successfully held in the Nanjing People’s Theatre on 23rd July 2014.

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Below is the final result.

Final Result for Miss All Nations 2014

Winner – Bolivia

1st Runner-up – Germany

2nd Runner-up – China Qingdao


TOP 8:(other then top 3)

1. Canada

2. Malaysia

3. Kazakhstan

4. Italy

5. Netherlands

6. India

7. Russia

8. Poland

10534092_680197805395529_4839401548222918982_n 10384801_680197848728858_4324232419975981122_n

Subtitle Awards

1. Miss Friendship – Belarus

2. Miss Talent – Taiwan

3. Best Ambassador Awards – Malaysia

4. Miss Best Evening Gown – Panama

5. Miss Internet Popular – China

6. Miss Bikini – Germany

7. Miss Body Beautiful – Spain

8. Miss Photogenic – Romania

9. Best National Costum – Portugal

10. Miss World Peace – Canada

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