Mrs. Planet 2014 Final – Malaysian win 2 Subtitles


  1. MRS PLANET -WINNER- Anita Maahekh -India
  2. MRS PLANET I runner up – Inna Landyreva-Russi
  3. MRS PLANET II runner up – Renate Kronberga-Latvia
  4. MRS PLANET III runner up – Amanda Barras- Australia


Subtitle awards

  1. BEST IN GREEN PLANET COSTUME – Inna Landyreva-Russian Federation
  2. BEST IN NATIONAL COSTUME – Tan Nar Grace-Malaysia
  3. Mrs STAR- Rushaniya Plotnikova-Tatarstan
  4. Mrs ELEGANCE- Aurora Arrigo-France
  5. Mrs GRACE- Fion Chia Yao-Singapore
  6. Mrs PHOTOGENIC – Gergana Toneva-Bulgaria
  7. Mrs BEAUTY – Tan Nar Grace-Malaysia
  8. Mrs TOP MODEL – Ekaterine Kutateladze-Georgia
  9. TALENT WINNER – Wu Siman-China

Intersound-718 Intersound-753 Intersound-691 Intersound-668Intersound-627

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