Malaysian win 3 Awards in Fashion Asia 2014


“Fashion Asia 2014 Award Presentation Ceremony” was held in the night of November 5, 2014, in Belfry Square, NanBin Road, City Centre of Chongqing, China.[重庆南滨路钟楼广场]


This Year, Malaysia win the most awards in Fashion Asia history since the event started from 2009. Congratulations to Malaysian Winners!!


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Nominees from the fashion Industrial, Celebrities, Media and Corporate client from China, Japan, Thailand, Mongolia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, India, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and other Asian countries and regions attending the annually most Fashionable event.

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Totally 13 awards was given out that night and the awards winner are as follows :-

1. Asian Top Fashion Anchor of the Year – Carol Lee (Malaysia)
2. Asian Top Fashion Stylist of the Year – Ko-ta Shoji (Japan)
3. Asian Top Fashion Up-coming Designer of the Year – Gilbert Ng Geok Ooi (Malaysia)
4. Asian Top Fashion Model of the Year(Male Category) – June Macaseat (Philippines)
5. Asian Top Fashion Model of the Year(Female Category) -Dannielle Kerkoven(Sri Lanka)盛妆亚洲年度时尚模特大奖(女性)
6. Asian Top Fashion Hair Stylist of the Year – Jeric See (Singapore)
7. Asian Top Fashion Designer of the Year(Haute Couture Category) – Alvin Tay (Malaysia)
8. Asian Top Fashion Designer of the Year(Pret a Porte Category) – Lin Mei-yin (Taiwan)
9. Asian Top Fashion Photographer of the Year -Batsaikhan Jargalsaikhan (Mongolia)     盛妆亚洲年度最佳摄影师大奖
10. Asian Top Fashion Make-up Artist of the Year – 何搌懿 (Hong Kong)                                盛妆亚洲年度最佳化妆师大奖.
11. Asian Top Fashionable Tourist Attraction of the Year – 重庆南滨路景区 (China)             盛妆亚洲年度最佳时尚旅游胜地大奖
12. Asian Top Fashionable Singer of the Year – Ma Chanpanha [Eugene] (Cambodia)          盛妆亚洲年度时尚歌手大奖
13. Asian Top Jewelry Design of the Year – Edward Chiu (Hong Kong)

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