The Philippines won its 2nd Miss Earth Crown


The Philippines’ Jamie Herrel was crowned Miss Earth 2014 at the UP Theater in Diliman, Quezon City on November 29.

During the question and answer portion, Herrell was asked: “What will you do slow down the effects of global warming?” She responded: “Global warming has been (an) overdue issue. I will use my title to inspire others, help our environment and start with kids. They will be the people of tomorrow if we teach them. They will help the community.”

Andrea Neu of USA was crowned Miss Earth Air, Maira Alexandra Rodríguez of Venezuela was named Miss Earth Water, while Anastasia Trusova of Russia got the title of Miss Earth Fire.



Miss Brazil Leticia Silva, Miss Mongolia Tugsuu Idersaikhan, Miss Slovak Republic Daria Frabici and Miss Spain Zaira Bas were the rest of the Final 8. The other delegates who entered the semi-finals were Alejandra Villafañe of Colombia, Nancy Magdy of Egypt, Sumin Shin of Korea, Yareli Carrillo of Mexico, Romy McCahill of Scotland, Hereata Ellard of Tahiti, Sasi Sintawee of Thailand and Cartier Zagorski of Zambia.

The Miss Earth crown was last won by the Philippines back in 2008. Miss Earth 2014 is presented by CreamSilk Hair Care by Professionals; in partnership with Green Sun Official Home of Miss Earth, My|Phone Live Life in Color and Phoenix Petroleum Fuel the Dream.



The delegates in this year’s Miss Earth pageant were introduced to international and local press on November 10, less than three weeks before coronation night in Quezon City. The international contestants took turns on stage in their swimwear at the Green Sun Hotel in Makati City.

This year 85 ladies from around the world take part in the Miss Earth 2014 Pageant.

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Miss Malaysia Earth 2014 was represented by Miss Renee Tan.

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