Joanne Lye Win Mrs. Malaysia Globe 2015

WinnerTop 5a

40-year-old Marketing Executive Mrs. Joanne Lye from Kuala Lumpur win the crown of Mrs. Malaysia Globe 2015 Beauty Contest held on 18th July, Saturday night at Grand Ballroom of eCity Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. She also won the subtitles of Mrs. Popularity, Best Traditional Costume and Lanfar Radiant Ambassador.

Group aGroup B

The 1st Runners-up is Mrs. Connie Ng (34 years old) also a Direct Selling Marketing agent  from Selangor and the 2nd runners-up is from Emily Tang Wu Mei (31 years old), she also won the subtitle of the Mrs. Malaysia Globe 2015 Ambassador.

11745495_1061151217237993_4459443892697688612_n Group A

Joanne will represent Malaysia in the upcoming Mrs. Globe 2015 Beauty Pageant World Final at Shenzhen, China from 26th Nov to 6th Dec with more then 40 ladies around the world taking part.

Final Results for the Mrs. Malaysia Globe 2015 Pageant

Winner – Joanne Lye

1st Runners up – Connie Ng

2nd Runners up – Emily Tang

3rd Runners up – Feniyy Wong

4th Runners up – Lau Kit Mun

Awards list
1. Cheryl Ong
•Mrs Gracious

2. Tracy Shi
.Mrs Beautiful Skin

3. Feniyy Wong
•Mrs Body Fit
•Mrs Malaysia Globe 2015 3rd Runner Up

4. Bonnie Ng
-Mrs Crowning Glory
-Best Traditional Costume

5. Ailly Lim
– Mrs Congeniality

6. Lau Kit Mun
-Mrs Malaysia Globe 2015 4th Runner up
-Best Talent

7. Sally Ford
•Mrs beautiful legs

8. Joanne Lye
-Mrs Malaysia Globe 2015 – Winner
-Mrs Popularity
-Best Traditional Costume
-Lanfar Radiant Ambassador

9. Emily Tang
•Mrs Malaysia Globe 2015 Ambassador.
•Mrs Malaysia Globe 2015 Second Runner Up

10. Anita Choong ️️
• Polilex Ambassador
• Mrs Friendship

11. Vassugi Sandrasagaran
– Mrs Perfect Figure

12. Gigi Tan
– Best Talent
– Mrs Photogenic
– Most Confident
– Laco Ambassador

13. Connie Ng
·Mrs Malaysia Globe 2015 1st Runner Up
·Best Traditional Costume
·Mrs.Beautiful Nails

14. Cherrie Ooi ️️
-Mrs Personality
-Best Evening Gown
-Mrs Photogenic

15. Tracie Chan
– Mrs Best Talent
– Mrs Elegant

16. Collien Teh
– Mrs photogenic
– Mrs Best Catwalk

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